L81A3113Life is full of unexpected moments and sometimes the best thing to do is live in that moment! I am a very spontaneous, outgoing person who loves living for each moment. A few examples of my unexpected, but perfect moments are: I lived in freezing cold Michigan my entire life and once I graduated college, I decided to pack up whatever I could fit in my car and move to Las Vegas.  Also, I never planned on actually finding true love and on the least expected day (the one where I believed being single was the best ever), I met the man of my dreams, spent every day with him since, and now he is my AMAZING husband. One more moment that is significant to my life is I have always had a passion for planning weddings and events for people but I was tired of doing this for corporations, so I decided why not work for the best boss I would always (hopefully) get along with….myself.

Now I get to share all my creativity, love, and stories with all of you. My main focus for this blog will be stuff regarding weddings, marriage, and maybe eventually babies as I enter into that part of my life. As I approach the amazing age of 30, I may even share stories of how it feels hitting such a milestone in life. I hope you enjoy my blog. I would like to make you laugh, cry, happy, and think all in the same message. Not all will have those emotions of course but any way I can touch you in some way is exactly what I hope for.

Also, if anyone is planning on being spontaneous and coming out to Vegas for your wedding, please feel free to check out my website for more information regarding my Wedding Planning Services: http://www.desirableevent.com.


8 thoughts on “About

  1. I really love your website. I am planning my baby shower and wedding soon after so these ideas are really going to help.

  2. I would like to but your guest book frame where all guest sign a heart but having trouble getting to the link to purchase it

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