Planning Your Wedding-Tips & Tricks

 20 Things You Don’t Want to Forget on Your Wedding Day



It’s been a really busy year but I’m back to blogging now.  After planning many weddings there are so many little things that brides either do not know until the last minute or completely forget it all together.  As a planner, I would like to help you out by making sure you do not forget the little things.  Here is a list of top 20 things couples forget about:


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1. The Rings- You are so wrapped up in the final payments, details, and transportation to the wedding that quite a few couples forget to pack their special symbol of marriage.  This although is not the end of the world really tends to upset the bride because a ring symbolizes the love and commitment you are making today.  Tip: Give rings ahead of time to Maid of Honor and Best Man so you aren’t responsible on your day.


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2.  Clothing Items- Brides have it easy with their dress, shoes, and undergarments but grooms have ties, shirts, shoes, socks, suits or tux, etc.  I did the packing for our wedding weekend and left my husband’s tie at home.  Thank goodness we only lived 5 minutes away. Tip: Now I tell brides to make sure they lay out there outfits as well as their fiancé’s so that all the necessities are packed together.  Especially for out of state weddings!



3.  Dress Hanger- Although it may not seem like a huge deal, one of the most photographed item is of course “the Dress”.  Your photographer will get many shots of the dress while getting ready so you want a cute hanger to add that special touch.  Tip: Visit us on Etsy for a beautiful custom hanger.



4. Extra Cash- Whether it’s singles for tipping the bartender or extra tips for the DJ and Photographers, be sure to have extra cash on hand in case you forgot to take care of someone.  Tip: Please visit The Knot for my favorite tipping cheat sheet.



5. Honeymoon International Travel Documents- Every country has different rules.  Be sure immediately after booking your Honeymoon to check and see what documents you may need.  Some need visas and passports, sometimes your passport must be valid 6 months after travel.  Do not wait to the last minute.  You won’t want to miss your trip.  Tip: visit this website for information

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6. Your Gifts & Extra Decor- Be sure to assign someone responsible to collect your gifts at the end of the night.  Most couples have too much fun at their wedding and shouldn’t worry about grabbing their gifts.  Assign your Mother or Mother in Law to collect your gifts at the end of the night.  Also, if you brought any of your own decor, make sure they also grab this.  We brought a ton of picture frames and small DIY touches to our wedding.  The coordinator ensured we would get them the next day, however, somehow most of the items were misplaced.  Don’t let this happen to you!  Tip: Need bathroom baskets or special touches? Visit our shop on Etsy for all your needs.



7. Thank you Speech & notes- It’s always a great touch for the bride or groom say a thank you speech to thank your guests, family, and friends for sharing your special day.  Also, add a simple thank you to the centerpiece or favors to show your appreciation. Tip: Write speech ahead of time so it flows smoothly and you are prepared to not miss anyone. Get favor tags on ETSY



8. Send off Items-  This is not a must, however, your photographer will get fantastic shots if you have a cool send off item.  Things such as bubbles, balloons, rice, rose petals, confetti, sparklers, etc. will make your photos have that extra unique touch.  Tip: Visit Desirable Events on Etsy for your send off needs.



9. Pack overnight bag for wedding night-  So many things to remember the day of don’t forget clothes for the night of your wedding.  Be sure to pack a change of clothes for the following day and that sexy lingerie you received at your shower. Tip: Pack the bag ahead of town and give it to your maid of honor to bring to your room.



10. Transportation- If you are traveling from the ceremony to the reception you need some type of transportation.  Think of something unique to also get some great photos with.  A classic car, limousine, school bus, party bus, Maserati, etc.  Tip: search your local area and shop around for great deals on rentals.



11. Eat!- Don’t forget to eat dinner and enjoy your wedding cake.  Most couples get caught up in visiting with guests during dinner and do not have time to eat.  Also, after cutting the cake if you like to dance you may miss out on having that amazing piece of wedding cake.  Don’t wait for your anniversary to try a piece.  Tip: Instead of saying hello to guests during dinner, have a receiving line just of you and your groom.  This way you will see everyone and still enjoy your dinner without rushing through it.  Also, be sure to have a top layer of your cake so that you can freeze it.  We just had our anniversary recently and the cake was amazing! We unfortunately didn’t take my advice and didn’t have it at our wedding.



12. Emergency Kit- Whether your dress tears, your heel gets blisters, or you lose your lipstick, make sure you have an emergency kit for all your essential needs.  Great gift idea too for any bride.  Tip: Visit Desirable Events on Etsy and select custom order.  I will be happy to make a one of a kind emergency kit for you!



13. Feed Bridal Party- Your wedding day usually consists of you needs your maids there bright and early.  Champagne usually is a necessity, however, don’t forget to have snacks for them as well.  No one wants to see a bunch of drunk bridesmaids at the alter, nor does anyone want to starve all day waiting for the reception to come.  Tip: Contact local sandwich, catering places, or even grocery stores for trays of veggies, fruits, and sandwiches.



14. Cake Cutter & Toasting Flutes- Sure the venue will have something to cut the cake but these are also something that is photographed a lot.  Plus didn’t your Aunt Sue buy you that really fancy set just for this day? Tip: You can find personalized cake cutters all over but visit for great deals.  Bring this to your coordinator during the rehearsal so that you don’t need to worry about it on your wedding day.



15. Have something “OLD, NEW, BORROWED, BLUE” and don’t forget a sixpence in your shoe!  Even if you are like me and don’t like wearing a ton of jewelry get items for under your dress or shoes.  I put a pearl necklace of my grandmothers around my ankle as my something borrowed, a blue “I DO” sticker under my shoes, my great-grandmother’s pearl earrings I wore, and my something new of course was easy as it was my wedding dress.  It is fun and great for family keepsakes to be worn and passed on.  TIP: Ask mother or grandmother for great items that you may not think about.  They may still have what they used at their weddings which make awesome memories.



16.  Gifts for Family & Bridal Party- Giving gifts isn’t always important but it is a really nice touch for those involved in your special day.  Get the bridesmaids bags of emergency kit and flip flops or cute ballet flats to kick their heels off and party.  A great gift for family members is a photo book of you throughout the years then with your fiancé at the end.  We did this and both were big hits.  TIP: Hand out gifts during the rehearsal dinner.  As always, visit my shop on ETSY for any custom ordering.


17. Marriage License- You can’t have someone marry you without this.  Don’t forget your marriage license because you need to make your day official! TIP: If getting married in Las Vegas get your marriage license ahead of time online to save time.  You get to go to the fast window which in Vegas is a must!



18. Favors- Of course this also is not a must but does tend to add a good touch if guests really would use it.  Instead of getting personalized coasters, get things like playing cards or hire a photobooth so they can take their memories with them.  TIP: Your favors can double as your place cards simply by just tying their names to them.  Be sure if you have a plated dinner that you add a little something to each person letting the server know who is getting what meal. We did black rhinestones for filet and pink for chicken.  Your guests just think it’s for decoration but the servers will be thankful you do this.



19. Guestbook & Pen- You want special notes from your guests.  There are so many unique ways to do guestbooks such as photo books, benches, plates, or if you do get a photobooth this is perfect because they usually come with a book where you get a copy of your guests photos and they sign those for you.  Match your theme for that special touch.  TIP: Search Pinterest for great ideas on guestbooks and follow Desirable Events by Desi for great ideas.

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20.  Breathe and Enjoy your Day!- No matter what happens if your flowers are late, your friend is too intoxicated, or you are running behind, Just stop and think this day only happens once and even if something little is quite on schedule or is a mishap, just laugh about it.  Nothing will ruin your day because you are marrying your best friend and that is all that matters.  TIP: Hire a wedding planner like myself and all of your worries will go away!


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Congratulations and Good Luck with Wedding Planning! It comes and goes so fast so enjoy every minute of it!