Tivoli Village Las Vegas Wedding

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Terri & Jim

The second I met Terri & Jim (well he was buying coffee), I knew their entire life story and loved it. She opened up to me like we have known each other forever and this is one of my favorite parts about meeting them. Although I was not hired yet, I could tell by the way Terri and I clicked that I was most likely their new wedding planner. By the time Jim got back with the coffee (5 minutes later), I knew how they met, who was in their wedding, who I needed to give extra attention to, and what exactly they needed help with. Going back to how they met, it was what I call the modern “traditional” way of meeting, just like many of my couples this year have all experienced. Yes they met online, fell in love, and got married. I am not going to bother with real statistics but going by my wedding bookings this year 70 percent of couples that booked me as their wedding planner, met online. As a side note to all you singles out there, I feel this is a very efficient way of meeting your future spouse as long as you don’t use Tinder or Plenty of Fish.

Tivoli-Village-Wedding-30 Tivoli-Village-Wedding

Anyways, Terri and Jim spoke to each other for a while before actually meeting face to face. In fact, Terri was out of town celebrating her parents wedding anniversary when they decided to go on their first date. Which happened to be the day she returned on her parents anniversary April 20th, 2013. They were both instantly fond of each other and so glad that neither one was “catfished”. Within minutes they were already planning their second date for later in the week but couldn’t resist and met up the following day. These two were definitely meant to be. Jim has a very laid-back personality which is perfect for Terri who is very detailed but needs a little help figuring out exactly what she wants. They chose to marry 2 years to their first meeting (also her parents anniversary). I had the pleasure of planning their wedding which took place in a location that hasn’t had many weddings. Their ceremony was the first that took place on the stage at Tivoli Village. They hired Cameron Calloway, a local acoustic guitarist, to perform at both the ceremony and reception. He did a magnificent job throughout both especially as Terri walked down the aisle to him singing, Bret Dennon “By and By”. Terri loved it so much she had him sing it again for her and Jim to dance to and asked for it on iTunes. The ceremony turned out so beautiful with Pastor Pete from Elegant Weddings Las Vegas officiating. He was perfect for them and always adds in something so meaningful to the bride and groom. They chose to do a wine ceremony which fit since Terri is a huge wine lover and since Jim met her, he moved on from specialty beers to become a wine officiantado. They chose to lock the letters into a box with a phenomenal bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon and since they can’t wait too long per their instinct, they will open them on their first anniversary.

Tivoli-Village-Wedding Tivoli-Village-WeddingView Wine bar tivoli

For the reception, they chose to have it in one of their favorite places, The View Bar in Tivoli Village. This was the perfect spot for a guest list of nearly 50 to enjoy the acoustic sounds of Cameron while mingling with each other. The restaurant itself has a rustic look to it and offers so much decor that we barely had to do anything to the space. We did have a few centerpieces made up for the tables and a beautiful cake by Sweet Lucys Confections that actually sat on their gorgeous, rustic piano. The ambiance was very laid back just like the couple and rustic. I personally loved this wedding venue and holding any event there. It is tapas style, so they started with a cheese display, went through cold tapas, then hot tapas, and ended with decedent desserts to serve along with the cake. The set up of the buffet was gorgeous wooden pieces to tie into the overall decor of the location. Terri & Jim wanted to do something special for her parents since it was also their anniversary so they gave them a very sweet engraved frame to hold a picture of them along from their wedding and one of Terri and Jim for the other side. At the end of the night, Terri and Jim offered cute little popcorn favors from Popcorn Girl that said “All because he popped the question”. Throughout the entire wedding, we also had the pleasure of working with two very talented photographers Susie & Will from susiesandwillpictures.com. They are very professional and truly amazing at what they do. All of the photos in this blog were provided by them.

Popcorn Girl las vegas Popcorn girl las vegas

For more information on our wedding planning packages, please feel free to contact me at desi@desirableevent.com or (248)836-8605. Visit our website for more inspirational photos and our company information.

A huge thank you to all of the vendors involved in this gorgeous wedding:
Ceremony Venue- Tivoli Stage
Reception Venue- View Wine Bar (Ollie) at Tivoli Village
Photographers- Susie and Will Pictures
Officiant- Pastor Pete (Elegant Weddings LV)
Entertainment- Cameron Calloway (acoustic guitarist)
Floral- By Dzign
Cake- Sweet Lucy’s Confections
Favors- Popcorn Girl
Hair & Makeup- JW Marriott Salon
Wedding Planner- Desirable Events by Desi

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Sweating for the wedding workouts- Beach Body

bridal workout

Through Social Media, I see lots of posts questioning which Beach Body workout set is the best. I have always answered my opinion on these questions since we now own many of them. I feel like my opinion always shifted based on the next “new” one that arrived, however, after realizing lately how my body hasn’t changed I feel like my opinions were wrong. Before reading this just know this is based strictly on my opinion: a 5’3 female who ranges in the 108-116lb range. There is one other main thing that is my workout goal and that is to eat whatever I want. By this, I have two main strict things that I will never let a diet plan eliminate: a slurp every day and Qdoba nachos at least once every week. I do not in any way, shape or form worry about what I am eating or drinking other than I have a Gluten sensitivity. Anyways, going back to the workouts here is a list the ones we own and the order I like them. If you also have my views on dieting than definitely go with my top two workouts because they are great and keep you fit without worrying about Calorie intake.

1. P90X2- This is my absolute favorite workout. It really focuses on your core which every woman loves. The creators describe this workout as “the kind of results Pros insist on… not by working harder but working smarter”. I totally agree with this. You bring more focus and attention through your core as you are doing each exercise. Even during the arm work out, you use a stability ball to focus your ab control. For the past 6 months, I have been doing two other workout videos. I just switched back to P90x2 because I am not happy or beach body ready and in only 2 days, I feel so much better. I am assuming I will be down at least 4lbs in my first week with these videos since I know how my body works and what this workout helps be focus on. Set aside about an hour each day for these workouts. It may seem long but do them from beginning to end because they truly work each part of your body throughout the entire video.

Equipment needed for this:
Dumbbells or resistance bands
Pull up bar or resistance band

Stability ball (this I also use)
Foam Rollers (great for warmups and stretching)
2 Medicine balls (I do not use)
Power stands
2. P90x- The original P90x video and very great workout for both male and females. My husband prefers this one over my favorite. This is a great workout to lean out and then build your muscles. You definitely get the results you need even without following a strict diet. There is a lot of talking during the videos which is the only annoying thing but once you know the workouts you can either fast forward through it or follow along with the book that comes with it.

Equipment needed for this:
Dumbells or resistance bands
Pull up bar or resistance band (I use the band but connect it to my husband’s pull up bar)

Yoga mat (definitely recommended for Yoga)
Medicine ball
Stability ball
power stands

3. p90x3- Only 30 minutes long typically. This is similar to the other two but shorter. At first I thought great less talking and more of a workout but there’s just something missing to me. I think the workouts are great and perfect if you are on a time crunch but again I just don’t see as much of an improvement in my body that I saw with 1 & 2. I definitely recommend this to anyone that only has 30 minutes to work out because you still get something. My only suggestion would be maybe try to add another workout or walk at night.

Equipment needed:
Dumbells or resistance bands
Chin up bar

Yoga mat
power stands
4. insanity- Basically 25 minutes of pure core/cardio workout. Great for slimming down but if you want to build muscle you need to still add weights into your workout plan. I love that you slim down from it but has anyone ever seen someone or heard of someone being “skinny fat”? This is someone that’s slender but has that awkward belly or arm jiggles and to me it isn’t attractive. Definitely add some weights to this workout just to tone your muscles. It makes you look a lot better and not anorexic or “skinny fat”. This is a good mix with P90x3 since they are both shorter workouts just mix in the arms, legs, back and chest from p90x3 with each insanity disc.

No equipment is needed

I typically like to use arm or leg weights just to help build and tone.
5. T-25- Also only 25 minutes of a workout but great for your entire body. This is my favorite shortened workout another but the issue I have with it is that it is best to be tone before doing this. It takes longer than the other videos to get to your goal weight because it is a shorter video. Once you reach your goal then these workouts can help keep you there. If you don’t have 25 minutes in your day than you must be crazy busy but i would suggest to you to cut back 25 minutes of sleep to at least fit this in.

Alpha round:
No equipment needed

Yoga mat

Beta round:
Equipment needed:
dumbells or resistance bands

Yoga mat
chin up bar

6. Beast body- This workout is best for men and ranges between 40-50 minute videos. I’ll be honest, I did 90 days of it and the only thing i realized I got from it is a large booty. I do not like lifting super heavy weights because my ultimate goal is to stay petite and thin. I felt that yes it was great for my husband building muscles but in fact neither of us looked cut from it. If you choose this workout you definitely want to make sure to keep cardio in your workout plan.

Equipment needed:
Bench or stability ball (we use stability balls)
Pull up bar or resistance band

*Men may also want to use a curling bar

beach body workout

This popular craze with Beach Body is a great way to not only get workouts in at home but skip waiting in line for the gym for a machine, feeling like you are embarrassed to workout in front of people, and even gives you extra time in your day since it requires no driving. I had a gym membership for over 3 years here in Vegas and I only went a handful of times. While I’d like to say most people go to work out, this isn’t so much the case here. People love to socialize, take annoying “selfies”, and size each other up while they are here. Girls typically shower, put on makeup and do their hair before they go to the gym. Come on, if you want to stay in shape then stay at home and try one of these great workouts. If you want to meet someone at the gym then I guess go for it and look stupid in your wedged tennis shoes. I’m not saying it is everyone but I love working out at home. I can do it on my own time and away from those little annoying things people do at the gym. I am definitely a firm believer on Beach Body and I am in no way affiliated with their staff. I just love staying active and it is a perfect workout for me. I’m now challenging myself for the next month to slim down 10lbs and by this I am going back to a strict p90x2 workout regimen. Cross your fingers and hope I get down to my goal weight by one of my best friend’s Bachelorette party in 3 weeks. I will blog back then and let you all know how it goes. Until then, try one of the workouts at home and you will see what the gym doesn’t do for you!

Wedding Must Haves Couples Tend to Forget

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Don’t forget these simple details

As everyone knows and says, planning a wedding can be extremely stressful. Something that only adds to the stress is last minute things that come up in which the couple either overlooks or since they haven’t been married doesn’t even know they need. My suggestion to anyone getting married of course is to hire a wedding planner or at very least a day of coordinator to prevent any stress from happening. However, if this is not in your budget please feel free to read on for the little things couples usually forget.

1. The Rings- now of course this is something that is purchased far in advance but the day of your wedding this is one of the most forgetful items. I don’t know if it’s the excitement of the whole thing or what but this happens often. Try to assign someone the week of your wedding to be in charge of both wedding rings this way they will show up and be together.

2. Accessories- Sure the tux and dress arrive safely but what about the little things. The ties, socks, veil, earrings, garter, shoes, everything that puts your entire outfit together. Three quick stories I have on this is one, our wedding I packed both of our outfits from head to toe, with extra accessories in case I didn’t like something. Come the next afternoon as my future hubby is getting dressed he calls my maid of honor to ask where the tie was. Of course I left it at home. The only thing that is definitely going to stand out if he didn’t have. Luckily for us, we lived 2 minutes away and best man came to the rescue. A wedding I planned, thank goodness the bride woke up with butterflies at 5 am because as she was laying out her accessories for the photographers she realized her veil was at her sister’s house in Houston, Texas (we were in Vegas). Luckily a friend didn’t have his flight until a few hours later and was able to get the veil in time for his flight and have it well before the wedding started. On a side note, by hiring us I would have ran to the store myself and found the exact veil or one closest to it for her. Last one of my grooms forgot a pair of socks for the big day. Since he was closest to Crystals he went over only to buy a $45 pair of designer socks… that ended up being close to knee highs on him. It was hilarious and I can only imagine his brides face that night when she saw them. I send out a checklist of things to remember but it is always best to designate a trustworthy bridal party or family member to keep this stuff safe.

3. Unity Ceremony items- whether they be custom traditions for your culture or something fun to add into the ceremony, don’t forget these items. Most are purchased by the couple and this is a reason I strongly agree to having a wedding coordinator because you can make them responsible for these items. You don’t want your officiant to call you up for the sand ceremony and have vases but no sand to unite with.

4. Place cards- If you are having a sit down dinner where guests choose what they are having you MUST have place cards. I have yet to find a venue that doesn’t require them. Each guest receives a place card and there is always a “secret” symbol on them to designate who has fish, beef, or chicken. A classy way of doing this is by simply adding a different color pearl or rhinestone for each (i.e. fish-white, beef-black, chicken-wedding color) You can always have place cards if you don’t have your guests choose but couples you must have them if they do. If you have a buffet or family style then you may opt out for the extra work in place cards and just do a poster seating chart. Many places also do not set these up for you, so if you want your family and friends to relax on your wedding day this is also a good reason to hire a wedding coordinator.

5. Table Numbers- You rented all your centerpieces, linen, etc, but what about your table numbers? Some rental companies offer table numbers as well but couples tend to forget until the very last minute (just like the place cards) that these are needed. If you have assigned seating then you definitely need either table numbers, books, however you decide your guests will find their seats make sure you actually show this within the centerpieces.

6. Guestbook- Something else you need to bring yourself and set up (or have your wedding coordinator which yes many venues give you a coordinator but they are mostly for the ceremony and many will not set up additional items for you). Guestbooks are all sorts of items from a traditional book, photo book, monogram letter, anything to be unique and stand out. You don’t want to forget this because although guests RSVP to your weddings, you want to know who actually showed up. Don’t forget if you choose something unique to make sure you have a pen that writes well on it.

7. Card box- If you are allowing guest to bring gifts to your wedding then you must have a spot for them to put it. Most guests typically bring cards and there are tons of cute ways to display a card box. Find something that fits the theme of your wedding. Some rental companies offer a few standard boxes but go unique and you can keep it as home decor after. This also needs to be set up by you.

8. Any additional decor items- In the Pinterest world we live in today, it is typical for couples to find all these little add ons to decor that they want to buy instead of rent. This is a great addition to your wedding decorations, typically cost effective, and looks great. However, any of these items will also need someone to set up. As a wedding planner I will be honest to say there hasn’t been a wedding yet that I have planned that the bed of our truck wasn’t filled with extra things the couple had for their wedding. I am not saying all planners are open to sharing their spare room with items you mail to them but I am very considerate of out of town guests and I don’t mind having items sent to the house. I love helping set up the room and making it just as you wish.

It is very important to keep these things always in the back of your mind throughout the planning process. Keep notes on everything you buy for your wedding and what you need to bring so you don’t forget. Create your own checklist with these items and I would even assign someone you trust to keep them all together. I know I am a wedding planner but even if I wasn’t, I highly suggest hiring a day of coordinator to put everything together.  Many of the venues you use have coordinators, however, their job doesn’t include setting up your place cards, DIY decor, and table numbers.  It is best to hire someone so that you do not have to have your family members or bridal party set up before the ceremony. I have had lots of requests for day of coordination lately but I think many couples are confused at what this entails. We can’t come right before the ceremony and leave after your first dance (at least I do not). We are there hours before setting up the space, making sure all your vendors know what they are doing and arrive on time. We set up all your DIY stuff and extra decor. We have to be in contact with you and your vendors at least a month prior to make sure everyone is on the same page. You can hire a coordinator that may only show up for your ceremony but why even hire them. Research exactly what you are getting before you book anyone, including all vendors and venues. There are tons of people out there who give great breaks on pricing but just remember, you get what you pay for. Desirable Events by Desi goes above and beyond expectations because we want you book many more events with us.

Engaged or planning an event? Please contact me at desi@desirableevent.com or (248)836-8605 for more information. I also would love to meet in person or through Skype for a free consultation.