Why you should Hire a Day of Wedding Coordinator

Day of Coordination

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Every girls dream wedding coordinator

Once you have all your wedding planning finished, ever worry or wonder how the day will go and not wanting to be in charge of it yourself? Hiring a Day of Coordinator takes all the stresses away from brides. Day of Coordinators provide services that typically are not just the day of your wedding so when booking someone be sure to ask exactly what they will do for you. At Desirable Events by Desi, we provide more of an experience with you that is beyond your wedding.

First, we set up a meeting either in person or through telephone or Skype about a month prior to your wedding. Any weddings closer we set up meetings right away to ensure we have time. We ask during the meeting for all the venue and vendor information, details you specifically expect, and any concerns you may have (including concerns about guests that you would like an eye kept on). Our planners love getting to know the couple a little more in order to know your personality and style.

Next, we take the information from above and create a detailed timeline. This goes to all vendors to ensure they are on time and copies to your bridesmaids as well in case everyone is getting ready somewhere else. This timeline has many details for each of your vendors on when to arrive, setup, tear down, songs or cues they may need, basically the little things that as a bride you no longer need to stress about. We bring extra copies of these timelines for the photographers, DJs, and venue staff the day of to ensure they follow the wedding as planned. If anyone watches Vanderpump Rules and saw Scheana turn into bridezilla this is because her wedding coordinator did not execute the timeline well.

About a day or two prior to the wedding, we set up an hour rehearsal practice so you and your bridal party knows exactly how it is going to go on your wedding day. Even if the actual space for the wedding isn’t available which happens many times in Las Vegas due to all the weddings, we find a space to mark the floor and timing. Anyone involved in the Rehearsal is welcome to come as we want to ensure nothing is forgotten. This is the perfect way as a bride and groom you can really grasp the concept of your wedding and if you have any concerns we will go over them.

Finally comes the most important day of your life… your Wedding Day! During your wedding day depending on your venue or multiple venues, we are there prior to setup until the end of your night. I would say most of our weddings requires us to be there 10-12 hours. Many couples do not understand the details that go into a day and life of a wedding planner. For most of our weddings we bring two planners because we want everything for your wedding to be strategically placed and as you wished. When we arrive, we first visit the bride and groom just to ensure there are no worries or stresses. Then from there we set up your entire event with all your vendors. It takes a lot of teamwork to go into even small events but what it turns into is something so gorgeous and memorable I just love every minute of it. We follow the timeline as planned and are always around for any jitters, stresses, mother issues (they do happen), anything you need we are there for you. We stay though out the dinner, toasts, cake cutting. We stay until the end. This is one of the differences between us and most wedding planners and coordinators especially those that work for the hotels and event places. Most of them leave during dinner or after cake cutting. We like to stay to the end to watch your beautiful friends and family enjoy the event that although we may not have helped you plan but we executed to your standards and above. ¬†So as you see, when deciding to hire a Wedding Day of Coordinator you must remember that there’s a lot more than goes into it. When I am contacted and people say well the wedding is 6 hours long so that’s what we would like to hire you for, cannot be done. As a planner, I know that I could be held responsible if something doesn’t go right and I am very particular¬†about making sure everything is on time as planned. When researching coordinators be sure to ask exactly what they do. Always remember, you get what you paid for. If someone sounds great due to their price make sure they are experienced and hire someone that is detailed oriented. It’s better to spend a little more than hire someone that could potentially ruin your wedding day.

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This is me as a coordinator, the next best to J LO

For more information regarding hiring a Day of Wedding Coordinator please contact us to be part of your special day.