Caesars Palace Las Vegas Wedding


Rochelle and Mark found me all the way from the UK.  I didn’t actually meet them until a few days before their wedding but I felt like I knew them forever.  I planned their wedding about a year ahead of time so we had lots of contact back and forth.  I heard mostly from Rochelle except it was so cute right before they came out to Vegas Mark was planning wedding day morning gifts for his bride to be.  We planned a foot/leg massage while she was getting her makeup done that really made her day.  He also wanted her favorite sparkling wine and bouquet of flowers delivered to her that morning.  It was so sweet.  Their wedding was unique because it essentially was a week long for them and all their guests.  They all came together and left together on the same flight so this celebration was truly an amazing group of friends and family.  Thank you Rochelle and Mark for choosing us to plan your wedding day! Here are a few of my favorite photos from their wedding day.

A special thanks to everyone that helped make this day so perfect:

Wedding Ceremony: Caesar’s Palace Bella Luna 

Wedding Reception: Rao’s at Caesar’s Palace

Photobooth: Elegant Entertainment

Photographer: Friend of Bride and Groom

Elvis: All Night Long Entertainment

How to choose your Bridesmaids

wedding planner las vegas

Standing up in someone’s wedding to many people means spending lots of money on dresses, shoes, hair, makeup, etc. We really seemed to lose touch in why bridesmaids and Maid of Honors are part of the wedding. I always get brides who say they can’t choose between people to have by their side. Well it’s simple, if you haven’t talked to someone in years, you probably do not want to have them in your wedding, even if you were in preschool together. People change over the years especially after their mid twenties so someone who shared all your secrets and interests when you were younger, may not have the same views today. Here’s a list of ideas to think about when choosing your bridesmaids.

1. Choose someone that puts you first- This by far the most important characteristic in a bridesmaid. You need someone that isn’t negative and doesn’t complain about how much they are spending. You want someone that is just as loving and caring to you as the day you met them. Someone who even if they hate the bridesmaid dress, colors of your wedding, or the location of you wedding will say how much they love and adore everything. Negativity is the most important thing to keep out of your sight. By choosing someone that is negative will only eventually cause problems for you but can also affect your relationship to your fiancé. I have seen too many brides stress out for months before their wedding until the day of by choosing Miss Negative Nancy to stand up.

2. Someone who supports your relationship- I see this all the time, Girls are always in competition with each other no matter how close they are. If you have a friend who always talks poorly of your fiancé or doesn’t see how you two will end up with each other then you must not have her in your wedding. In fact, you shouldn’t even have them at your wedding or in your life anymore. It is important to keep those who care not only about you but also your future spouse.

3. Carefree friend- Another very important quality in a bridesmaid is someone who doesn’t care what you are serving for food. Someone who loves house wine and house liquor. You don’t want someone telling you that you need to have what “they like” in order for them to be part of your wedding. Always remember, it is YOUR wedding and it’s between you and your fiancé on choosing the options for your day. You don’t need to listen to bickering snobs about what they think makes your wedding perfect.

4. Someone who will help- Lots of details go into wedding planning and of course this is why I have my job. I love wedding planning and if you need a planner you can definitely count on me. However, if you can’t afford a planner or think you do not need one, you definitely need bridesmaids to be by your side throughout everything. There’s many events that lead up to a wedding which the bride and groom should have minimal planning in. This is what they bridesmaids are for. Think of your closest and most creative friends and how they can help you with planning all of these events. There’s the engagement party, bridal shower, bachelor/bachelorette parties, and rehearsal dinner. Some of these things of course your parents will help plan but you want bridesmaids to bring the new, modern “Pinterest” ideas to your events.

5. Choose someone who can afford it- We all know weddings are pricey but the same goes for someone standing up in a wedding. From dresses to shoes, to hair and makeup, to travel expenses, make sure you choose someone that can afford it. Your friends that you feel like you are leaving out will not be hurt if they can’t afford it. In some cases, it is better to not ask and make them feel embarrassed to decline because of costs.

Choosing maids can be difficult but honestly my main thing is this, think of those who you speak to daily whether they are next door or thousands of miles away. This idea is similar to hiring someone for a job. They need to be by your side and help with whatever you need. Everyone thinks they will hurt someone and from time to time it happens. Honestly most people who are chosen clearly are honored to take part in the wedding but there are others that do feel like they lucked out by saving money and only being a guest. It can be expensive to take part in a wedding so don’t feel like leaving someone out is a bad thing.
Here’s a little bit in choosing a Maid/Matron of Honor. The main reasons why you have a maid of honor is for support, keeping everyone together, and being there when you need her.

By choosing a Maid of Honor that you are close with now (not 20 years ago), they understand your style, vision, expectations, and YOU! it’s similar to what I said above, this person just has a little more responsibility. I’m pretty sure after all those years your vision of marrying someone from N’SYNC and having your wedding at your gorgeous mansion or on a secret island isn’t really how your wedding is playing out. You need someone that knows you well today and can be there for you when you need advice. She also needs to support you with a positive attitude so if they are a super opinionated friend, tell them you love them but they can be a bridesmaid or guest. You get enough unwelcome opinions from in laws and family that you don’t need your number one go to support system to give you more unnecessary advice. You want someone who when you choose a bridesmaid dress that may not be flattering or her style will tell you how much she loves it and tell your other bridesmaids they love it too. When you get a call from you in laws telling you they just invited another 20 people neither you or your fiancé has met but you are the ones paying for your “intimate” wedding, she’s there for you and would even go out of her way to let your family know it’s not about them that it is your wedding day. This is the support system you need. A perfect Maid of honor.

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For more wedding advice or to hire a wedding planner, please contact me at (248) 836-8605 or through email at Happy Bridal Party choosing!

Maid of honor.

For more wedding advice or to hire a wedding planner, please contact me at (248) 836-8605 or through email at Happy Bridal Party choosing!

50 Shades of Keeping your Husband Happy!

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Of course this movie was going to cause controversy but it’s crazy to me at the extremes those “haters” are going to. I am a week late on this post and it seems all the hype is gone now.  I think it’s because the Magic Mike 2 trailor came out.  Anways, what I don’t understand is how people get upset about a sexual movie but they allow their kids to watch movies like hunger games and the Purge. Of course this is not a kid friendly movie but are you that big of a prude to think it’s so bad? Here’s my thing, unless you are a nun or a priest or just celibate for life because you choose, this movie should be a good learning experience. I’m not saying every relationship needs to have a dominant and submissive one but I think in each sexual encounter you have with your partner there’s always one or the other.

With this being said, one of the most important things in a relationship is to be sexually attracted to one another. You can have all the care and love for someone in the world, but if you are not sexually compatible than I’m sorry but you might as well be best friends. I believe the number one reason most people cheat is because their sexual experiences are lacking.  Yes, money, kids, work and other things stress people out but why as couples can’t we all get through these stresses together instead of fighting.  Even if you have sex with your significant other on a daily basis, if you don’t spice it up once in a while, don’t you feel unsatisfied? I’m not saying everyone needs to go out and reenact this movie by getting whips, paddles, and zip ties, but I believe you need to do more than the same sexual positions. Everyone from time to time needs to change it up. Whether it being adding toys, watching porn together, role play, etc, you have to do something different. Ladies if you don’t add excitement and say you know for sure your man isn’t cheating, he is. I don’t mean with another woman but he’s definitely using his hand most likely watching other naked woman on his computer or TV. Maybe you don’t care if he does that but in a way doesn’t it make you feel unsatisfied?

I am a firm believer that most couples no matter how open you are in a relationship one or both of you have a sexual desire secret. Keeping it bottled up and to yourself almost is like cheating, not only your partner but yourself. If you have a sexual desire and are embarrassed to tell the other person don’t. It only keeps your desires bottled in and really gives you no satisfaction. I believe telling your partner about your desires increases both of your sexual peaks and makes your relationship closer to each other.

What I’m getting at is 50 Shades of Grey was based on a book series that of course caused a little controversy when it came out but with 100 million copies sold we all supported it. It actually brought many woman who read it, back to that sexual spark they once had. If you say the book didn’t you are lying.

I have to admit what you read in this blog until this point has been my opinion before seeing the movie. Now that I saw the movie my opinion still hasn’t changed and in fact, I didn’t even think that it was bad at all. I’m not going to spoil the movie for those of you that haven’t seen it, but I will say it did not in any way degrade woman. The female was willingly giving herself to him. For the most part, she wanted and enjoyed everything they did.  If you read the book it is completely on point with it.   I do think as a reader we visualize a lot more than what the movie entailed; but if they made this movie how most woman pictured it from reading, then it wouldn’t be in theaters because it would have to be a hot and sexy porn. I liked the movie but I didn’t love it of course because I just picutred different actors playing the lead roles.  My husband surprisingly really liked the movie and didn’t understand why everyone acts like it is just for females. He didn’t read the book of course.

Anyways, my main advice to anyone in a relationship would be this: Stay sexy, flirty, and spice it up.  You want to spend your life with the one you are with.  You have to be able to always experience new things together.

Sara Ford Fotos

New Year’s Eve Las Vegas Suite Wedding- M Resort

Joey & Lori

Las vegas suite wedding

Who wouldn’t want to attend a New Year’s Eve wedding especially when this amazing couple are the hosts? I first spoke to Joey and Lori right after the holidays in the beginning of 2014. The way we were introduced is bittersweet. They had booked an amazing officiant, Reverend Jimmy Mac with whom I have worked with in the past and became a great mentor. They knew if he approved than I was the perfect fit for them seeing as Lori’s stepfather actually attended High School with Jimmy Mac. About a month before the wedding we had shocking news that saddened all of us which was the sudden passing of a great friend and amazing man Jimmy Mac. If it weren’t for him, I would not have been part of this amazing and gorgeous wedding day and I know he was with us all in spirit.

Las vegas wedding plannerWedding coordinators las vegasWedding planners las vegas

Lori and Joey met online.  One of my blogs “First BLIND Date” was actually inspired by them.  They met after months of speaking online and had the perfect date at Lori’s sister’s house.  He was blindfolded when he showed up as well as Lori and they sat for hours talking to each other and enjoying each other blindfold.  Lori’s bridesmaid actually put on the whole date and listened through baby monitors.  At the end of the date Joey couldn’t take it any longer and had to see his gorgeous date.  Please see my past blog for more information on “First Blind Dates”.

fun bride photoWedding coordinators las vegasWedding New years

Lori had one request for her wedding and that was she wanted it on New Years Eve. We decided to rent a suite and have a New Years party/wedding done Vegas style. Since we began planning so far out, most hotels did not know the room rates and if there would even be a suite available for them to rent. After using my negation skills I believe we could not have chose a better location. Joey and Lori were wed in a two story loft suite at the M Resort. For those of you unfamiliar with this resort, it is located about two miles south of Mandalay Bay off the strip but still on Las Vegas Blvd. With breathtaking 270 degree views you can not go wrong with this choice in venue. They rented the two connecting rooms as well.  One room we had all the catering in and the other room we had a photobooth in for guests to enjoy.  The photobooth doubled as favors for their guests and was another guestbook for the couple.

Weddings las vegas M resort las vegas

Being a New Year’s Eve wedding, their theme was a fun, elegant party.  They served their guests hot and cold Hors D’oeurves and an assortment of Beer, Wine, liquor and of course Champagne.  Lori and Joey love Rotari Rose so I special ordered 2 cases for them through the liquor distributor.  As guests entered the room for the ceremony, they were served Champagne or Beer.  Lori joked that she had “Champagne taste on a Beer Budget” so the preceremony drinks were perfect for her taste.  We used the rest of the champagne as a midnight toast when we did a countdown to midnight.  Each champagne flute was rimmed with gold sugar to add that extra elegant touch for their New Year’s Eve wedding.

M resort las vegas

M resort las vegas

Bartender las vegas

The two story suite was set up perfectly for guests to enjoy music and dancing.  The DJ was set up on the top floor balcony overlooking the bottom level of the suite.  The bottom is where they guests were able to dance and get their drinks from the bar.  It was the perfect touch for any hotel suite wedding.  As I mentioned previously, the M Resort has breathtaking views.  On New Year’s Eve at midnight something beautiful happens in Las Vegas in which their guests enjoyed perfect views from.  The Las Vegas strip has fireworks in different locations throughout the strips which was the perfect ending to a beautiful wedding.  I even got a little choked up by the fireworks and had tears in my eyes.  You can’t make up or dream of such a beautiful fairy tale.

New years eve wedding Las vegas wedding planners

Finally at the end of the night just after the fireworks, they wanted guests to grab their coats, a drink, and meet us downstairs for a sparkler send off.  Everyone who came received sparklers and we timed it just right to give the couple their final send off.  It was a magical moment for Joey and Lori and definitely a memorable wedding/ New Year’s for everyone who attended.  In my opinion, one of the best ways to celebrate New Year’s Eve is a wedding.  Especially if you can make it intimate and beautiful like this Suite wedding.  No one likes planning their New Year’s so why not plan it for them with not only a great party  but by sharing your love for one another in front of your favorite and closest friends.

las vegas wedding coordinator las vegas wedding planner

A special thanks to this gorgeous couple for letting us be part of their day and to all the vendors who helped make it happen:

Wedding Planner: Desirable Events by Desi (

Wedding Venue: Loft Suite at the M Resort

Photographers: Susie and Will Pictures

Officiant: Pastor Pete (elegant las vegas weddings)

DJ/Photobooth/Uplight: Greg D’angelo (Elegant Entertainment)

Flowers: By Dzign

Decor: Desirable Events by Desi

Cake: Babycakes at M Resort

Bartender: RJ Wojtowicz

Catering: M Resort

**All photos provided by Susie and Will Pictures**

To plan your Las Vegas wedding, a suite wedding, New year’s eve wedding, or destination wedding, please contact me at

Surprise Engagement Party Las Vegas

las vegas wedding planner


Surprise parties are always so much fun not only to throw but the planning process alone makes it fun. There are times where the planning process can be stressful though because let’s face it, we are trying to keep a secret. Why not hire a pro to do all the planning so that even you are surprised in the end? Desirable Events by Desi can plan any surprise event you desire. If you want to go the old fashion way and do it yourself please see the information below on this surprise engagement party Desirable Events by Desi put together on a budget.

Natalie and Marc were engaged in August and immediately began the planning process for their wedding. Natalie’s mother was coming out to Vegas in September so naturally we chose to throw the party when she was in town.

las vegas wedding planner las vegas wedding planner

Food and Beverage:

The invites were actually private through social media (Facebook). Each guest was asked to bring a bottle of wine to the event as well as a food item. Desirable Events by Desi also provided homemade Sangria. Any leftover bottles of wine was meant for the couple to take to “Stock their Bar”. There were about 30 guests that arrived and with plenty of wine left over the couple sure did have a stocked bar. Desirable Events also set up favors of ring pops for all the guests.

las vegas wedding planner

las vegas wedding planner


Desirable Events by Desi made the banners, vases, and decor for the event. We chose a wine theme as the couple loves wine so much. There were banners that said, “She said Yes”, “Marc put a ring on it”, Cheers, as well as photos of the couple. We made a cupcake stand out of a vase filled with wine corks and plate to top it. We also made centerpieces such as vases filled with wine corks and mason jars with burlap and flowers. We even added more of the wine touch by having wine bottles with flowers in them as well. For the food we made cards that said “She said Yes” and put them in wine cork placeholders. Each guest had their own wine glass with their names on the tag that read this wine is mine. Natalie and Marc drank out of bride and groom wine glasses. All of these items are available on etsy

las vegas wedding planner

las vegas wedding planner


The location was at a friend of the couple’s home. The evites originally went out 3 weeks prior to the event and updated a week prior. The couple had no idea about the event. The mother of the bride said she bought tickets to a local comedy show for the couple and their friend. They were to go pick her up for the show. Just before the show Natalie’s friend asked them to come in for a glass of wine before the show. It all flowed together perfectly and it was a complete surprise for them. They had no idea when they walked through the doors that all their close friends would be inside.

Surprise parties again can be tricky to keep secrets. When done right though they come out to a huge success and really make whomever it is for feel special. Let us help you plan the best surprise party anyone has ever been to. Please contact Desi at or for all your planning needs.

wedding planner www.desirableevent.comwedding planner

Sick of my Husband?!

Las Vegas wedding planners

Being in love and married is a wonderful thing. Getting to work with each other and being around each other all day is just an added bonus that I wouldn’t have any other way. We get asked non stop, “How are you not sick of each other?, Don’t you ever get time alone?, etc”. Well if you love someone as much as RJ and I love each other every minute we are not together is hard for us. We each own our own business so primarily all of our work is done from home. I love it though. We get to make our own schedules, plan trips whenever we want, we stay focused in getting our work done but we have the luxury of it being on our time. I am not writing this to brag about how awesome our lives are because yes there are a few times where I would like to say “Don’t you have to be somewhere”. I am sick of getting asked how I can stand being around my husband all the time. Think about it… Why would I have married someone only to never see him or be around him. How could I marry someone that “should” annoy me all the time so I need to spend time apart?! I don’t get how people judge us nor do I care. I am confused as to how we can so quickly be frowned upon because we are always with each other. We love each other and we honestly work best off each other. Every event and wedding that I plan he is my assistant and I love it. I’m so lucky he gets to share all the wonderful experiences I do. I think it helps him too get a break from just plastic recycling to share moments with my clients that are important to them. Each event brings us closer and closer together. I am so lucky to have an amazing assistant, supporter, cheerleader, and husband. Next time you are too quick to judge someone think maybe you just are not happy and secure in your relationship. Maybe you need a quick spice up your relationship or maybe you two grew apart. My advice, don’t judge people and try to make their positives a negative. Thank you RJ for being the most amazing and genuine person I have ever met.

Wedding planner in las vegas

Mandarin Oriental Las Vegas Wedding

Mandarin Oriental Wedding, Alt f photography

Gina and Corey found Desirable Events by Desi a little over a year prior to their selected wedding date. We met over Skype as they were from Virginia and instantly clicked. They are such a beautiful couple and their wedding just turned out gorgeous.  They wanted their wedding in Las Vegas because it is their home away from home as they travel here quite often and it is where Corey proposed to Gina.  It made for the perfect destination wedding for them.  When I first met Corey in person he had two requests: a Jager Bomb station and a Flair Bartender. Right then and there I knew this was going to be such a fun wedding to plan.  Although they did not have either one of Corey’s requests, we came up with a ton of fun ideas for the couple and their guests, which I will get into later in the post.

Mandarin Oriental pool ceremony

The wedding was held at the 5 star hotel, the Mandarin Oriental in the center of the Las Vegas Strip. Walking into the hotel alone, it takes your breath away by their decor but this couple added their personal touches and beautiful decor to make their event perfect. Naakiti Floral was hired to do all the beautiful centerpieces, bridal party flowers, parent flowers, and ceremony decor. With the strong winds outdoors for the ceremony, I had the news to either bring the wedding indoors to have the beautiful floral reveal the couple wanted or to just do without flowers and get married outside as planned. Corey and Gina both said rain, wind, or shine they wanted to have their ceremony outside. With the help of Naakiti, Mandarin, and my team, we made their request happen and they still had beautiful flowers down the aisle. Their ceremony was performed by Reverend Jimmy Mac. He made the ceremony so personal and memorable.  It was fabulous and Gina’s Vera Wang dress was gorgeous in the gusts of wind. Brio Strings was their string quartet that performed during the ceremony and cocktail hour. The lovely quartet works through T Entertainment.  It was a very romantic ceremony and with a hundred people still felt very intimate.

Las Vegas Wedding planning

The reception was in the ballrooms at the Mandarin with a beautiful view of the strip. With all of the gorgeous decor and personal touches, it was such a fun and memorable event. The unique table set up of a mix of long rectangular tables and circular tables half with blush linen and the other with sequin blush linen fit beautifully with their style.  They also had gorgeous centerpieces of mixed floral from white hydrenga, sahara roses, cream spray roses, white phals and white anemones.  Along the dance floor, Sit on this provided comfortable lounge furniture for the perfect look and so guests could rest their feet during dances.  Dj Miss Joy performed throughout the wedding with club inspired music that the bride and groom requested.  To add that extra special touch and tie the whole room together, Bliss Entertainment provided blush uplighting.

image  image  image

Gina and Corey were so thoughtful of their guests and had favors for them throughout the night. They started with their place cards being mini bottles of Chandon Rose. After their 5 course dinner that was served as the guests danced the night away they brought out glow sticks to add the Las Vegas club scene. These were by far a big hit with even the oldest guests. At the end of the night, they wanted to make sure each guest had another final treat with gourmet donuts.

image   image

Throughout the entire day, Heidi Ann and John Michael with Alt F photography took breathtaking photos of the couple.  They captured all the details throughout the event and left everyone involved with the most memorable photos.  All photos in the post were provided by them.

image   image

This wedding was absolutely perfect and the couple was wonderful to work with. We made a lasting friendship out of this.

A special thanks to all who helped create this couples desires!
Wedding Planner: Desirable Events by Desi
Photographer: Alt F
Floral: Naakiti Floral
Furniture: Sit on This
DJ: DJ Miss Joy
Strings: Brio Strings (T Entertainment)
Uplighting: Bliss Entertainment
Venue: Mandarin Oriental

Please visit to book your wedding or event.  You too can have a gorgeous event with the best of the best vendors in the industry.

Hire a Las Vegas Wedding Planner

Hire Las Vegas wedding plannerHave a Budget and really need a Wedding Planner? Please read and see how wedding planners benefit you while not scaring you away because of the price.

Many brides want to have a DIY wedding but do not have the time to meet with all the vendors, pick out the decor, and definitely do not have time the day of their wedding to walk around and make sure everything is perfect. By hiring a wedding planner/designer, you will not be stressed out at all and have the opportunity to enjoy every part of the process of your wedding.

I am writing about this because lately, brides have been contacting wondering pricing and packages related to planning services. However, many brides budgets may not fit the price of hiring a full on planner. Do not fear though, many planners may work something out with you to give as much of their knowledge and assistance to fit in your budget. Do not hesitate to contact planners for questions concerning your wedding, just understand how much work goes into full service and how they can help you save money in other ways.

Breaking it down (all pricing varies based on location of wedding and the planner… this is an estimate):

Full Service Wedding Planning/Design- ($4,000-$10,000) services provided for this could include planning your entire event. Think about all the time you do not have because work, school, kids, etc. This would be why you are hiring a planner to do your wedding for you. Many hours and meetings go into full service design so do not be afraid of the price because although it may seem high, a planner who is designing your entire wedding will definitely have opportunities where you can make up the price elsewhere. As planners, we have many connections with vendors and venues where we can get discounts and deals at a better rate since we work with them on multiple events. Therefore, the $5,000 you may spend on a planner, you will make up savings on the venue, vendors, and entertainment.  Full service also almost always includes the day of coordination to make sure everything is done exactly how you envisioned it.

Partial Service Planning- ($2,500-$5,000) Maybe you have the venue picked out already or a few vendors but do not have time to meet with them and make sure they know when to be at your wedding or tell them exactly what you want. This is when you want Partial service so you have someone to review all your contracts and someone to tell the vendors when to arrive.  This will typically also include day of coordination as well.

Day of Coordination- ($800-$2,000) This service usually will include a rehearsal along with of the wedding day of activities. A coordinator is hired to be sure the wedding schedule is going smoothly and everything is on time to the best of their ability.

*Your wedding day may be one day, but it is the most important day in anyone’s life. You do not want any last minute worries or stresses because your flowers didn’t arrive, your maid of honor is missing, or your DJ came an hour late. By simply hiring a planner, you will not need to worry about anything. Just showing up with your dress on and walking down the aisle to the man of your dreams. (And that is not a worry at all) Enjoy your day and check with Wedding Planners in your area for their specific pricing. Trust me, do not be scared at the price, it will help you in so many other ways!

Tips for Outdoor Las Vegas Weddings

Tips for Outdoor Vegas Weddings:


  1. Choose non summer months.  Late May through early September the temperatures reach  over the 100 degree mark; which is too hot for formal wedding attire. April and October are the best months to have outdoor weddings because temperatures arat between 75 and 85 degrees and sunset is around 6pm.
  2. Provide a favor to cool the guests. Handing out fans as favors or as programs are a great way to show guests you care and give out information on the wedding.
  3. For outdoor ceremonies offer guests a welcome cocktail or even just flavored water. One wedding I did provided guests with cucumber water as they entered the outdoor ceremony space and guests loved the refreshing touch.
  4. Have a backup plan. Although Vegas has mostly beautiful sunny days, there are still times that it may rain or is extremely windy. For rain, it is definitely a wise choice to take the wedding indoors instead. For wind purposes, it is a great idea to check with the venue to see if the location is a wind trap or if I actually blocks the wind. Wind will cause microphone problems that will lose intimacy in your ceremony.
  5. Decor choices. If you plan on using the beautiful natural look of a venue be sure that what you see months before the wedding is what will be there on your day. Most flowers in Las Vegas bloom certain times of the year and may only last a few weeks. By even seeing your venue a year away will not guarantee the natural scenery will be the same. It’s best to check with the venue on their opinion and also a week before make sure it is how you want it so you have the opportunity to add decor where needed.
  6. Food. Outdoor weddings sometimes do not have a kitchen facility right at the location so keep in mind food will be transported from somewhere else. You do not want your guests to have cold food that is supposed to be hot or warm food that should have been cold. Check with your caterer before deciding on venue and get a list of recommended food items so that your guests will have a memorable experience.
  7. Provide sunscreen and/or sunglasses. A cute touch and great favor to five guests are sunscreen packets and sunglasses. This will not only protect them from the sun but later in the evening make for props for photos.

Remember to make sure your day is everything you have desired and also think of the tiniest things to make your wedding stand out to guests. Everyone always appreciates how couples think of all the little things to keep their guests happy. For more advice on planning a Las Vegas outdoor wedding or tips to creating a memorable lasting experience contact Desi at