50 Shades of Keeping your Husband Happy!

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Of course this movie was going to cause controversy but it’s crazy to me at the extremes those “haters” are going to. I am a week late on this post and it seems all the hype is gone now.  I think it’s because the Magic Mike 2 trailor came out.  Anways, what I don’t understand is how people get upset about a sexual movie but they allow their kids to watch movies like hunger games and the Purge. Of course this is not a kid friendly movie but are you that big of a prude to think it’s so bad? Here’s my thing, unless you are a nun or a priest or just celibate for life because you choose, this movie should be a good learning experience. I’m not saying every relationship needs to have a dominant and submissive one but I think in each sexual encounter you have with your partner there’s always one or the other.

With this being said, one of the most important things in a relationship is to be sexually attracted to one another. You can have all the care and love for someone in the world, but if you are not sexually compatible than I’m sorry but you might as well be best friends. I believe the number one reason most people cheat is because their sexual experiences are lacking.  Yes, money, kids, work and other things stress people out but why as couples can’t we all get through these stresses together instead of fighting.  Even if you have sex with your significant other on a daily basis, if you don’t spice it up once in a while, don’t you feel unsatisfied? I’m not saying everyone needs to go out and reenact this movie by getting whips, paddles, and zip ties, but I believe you need to do more than the same sexual positions. Everyone from time to time needs to change it up. Whether it being adding toys, watching porn together, role play, etc, you have to do something different. Ladies if you don’t add excitement and say you know for sure your man isn’t cheating, he is. I don’t mean with another woman but he’s definitely using his hand most likely watching other naked woman on his computer or TV. Maybe you don’t care if he does that but in a way doesn’t it make you feel unsatisfied?

I am a firm believer that most couples no matter how open you are in a relationship one or both of you have a sexual desire secret. Keeping it bottled up and to yourself almost is like cheating, not only your partner but yourself. If you have a sexual desire and are embarrassed to tell the other person don’t. It only keeps your desires bottled in and really gives you no satisfaction. I believe telling your partner about your desires increases both of your sexual peaks and makes your relationship closer to each other.

What I’m getting at is 50 Shades of Grey was based on a book series that of course caused a little controversy when it came out but with 100 million copies sold we all supported it. It actually brought many woman who read it, back to that sexual spark they once had. If you say the book didn’t you are lying.

I have to admit what you read in this blog until this point has been my opinion before seeing the movie. Now that I saw the movie my opinion still hasn’t changed and in fact, I didn’t even think that it was bad at all. I’m not going to spoil the movie for those of you that haven’t seen it, but I will say it did not in any way degrade woman. The female was willingly giving herself to him. For the most part, she wanted and enjoyed everything they did.  If you read the book it is completely on point with it.   I do think as a reader we visualize a lot more than what the movie entailed; but if they made this movie how most woman pictured it from reading, then it wouldn’t be in theaters because it would have to be a hot and sexy porn. I liked the movie but I didn’t love it of course because I just picutred different actors playing the lead roles.  My husband surprisingly really liked the movie and didn’t understand why everyone acts like it is just for females. He didn’t read the book of course.

Anyways, my main advice to anyone in a relationship would be this: Stay sexy, flirty, and spice it up.  You want to spend your life with the one you are with.  You have to be able to always experience new things together.

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