Sick of my Husband?!

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Being in love and married is a wonderful thing. Getting to work with each other and being around each other all day is just an added bonus that I wouldn’t have any other way. We get asked non stop, “How are you not sick of each other?, Don’t you ever get time alone?, etc”. Well if you love someone as much as RJ and I love each other every minute we are not together is hard for us. We each own our own business so primarily all of our work is done from home. I love it though. We get to make our own schedules, plan trips whenever we want, we stay focused in getting our work done but we have the luxury of it being on our time. I am not writing this to brag about how awesome our lives are because yes there are a few times where I would like to say “Don’t you have to be somewhere”. I am sick of getting asked how I can stand being around my husband all the time. Think about it… Why would I have married someone only to never see him or be around him. How could I marry someone that “should” annoy me all the time so I need to spend time apart?! I don’t get how people judge us nor do I care. I am confused as to how we can so quickly be frowned upon because we are always with each other. We love each other and we honestly work best off each other. Every event and wedding that I plan he is my assistant and I love it. I’m so lucky he gets to share all the wonderful experiences I do. I think it helps him too get a break from just plastic recycling to share moments with my clients that are important to them. Each event brings us closer and closer together. I am so lucky to have an amazing assistant, supporter, cheerleader, and husband. Next time you are too quick to judge someone think maybe you just are not happy and secure in your relationship. Maybe you need a quick spice up your relationship or maybe you two grew apart. My advice, don’t judge people and try to make their positives a negative. Thank you RJ for being the most amazing and genuine person I have ever met.

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