First “Blind” Date

Hard time figuring out the perfect first date? 


Looking for the man or woman of your dreams can be difficult with all the different apps and websites, you don’t know who you are meeting really until you get there. What if the person is completely different than their profile? What if they lied about their height or age? Judgement is quick to come by first looks but what if your first date didn’t have a “first look”. My last bride and groom inspired me to add a new event to my list of planning. They met on and didn’t meet for a few months. When they did meet, she was so nervous that her friend and sister planned a blindfold date. It gave me the perfect plan to extend my planning services to not only those getting married but to those single guys or ladies that get nervous about first dates. I would love to help plan a first date/ future romance for anyone that wants to wow their date. We will plan a location, I will blindfold both of you and the date will be all yours. We can plan a dinner or just drinks. Whatever date you would like but the two of you will only have conversation to go by. It’s a great way to have a unique fun first date without all the nerves and stresses that come with it. If your dating just hasn’t gone well in the past or you are looking for a way to wow your date, please contact me at Who knows maybe your first date will also turn into “I Do’s”.  Even if you are married and want to spice things up this is the perfect way to wow your spouse!

Stay tuned for the gorgeous New Year’s Eve wedding of this couple!

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